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Comforting Korean Food in Bellevue, WA

Bellevue, WA, is home to one of the region’s best Korean food hotspots. Mama’s Kitchen has all of your favorite authentic Korean Asian food options with our own special twist on them. Since opening in May 2019, we have already blossomed into a new local treasure.

south korea food

A Unique Dining Experience

We don’t follow the typical Asian restaurant experience. Every item on our menu has Mama’s signature sauce, Mama’s marinade, or Mama’s unique way of prepping the food. We push Korean comfort food to another level. The dining experience here is like eating in your own Mama’s kitchen—clean and comfortable, giving you space to enjoy food that’s prepared with love and care. That’s why Mama’s Kitchen is Bellevue’s favorite Korean food destination.

Why Mama’s Kitchen Is so Beloved

The staff at our restaurant pays close attention to details when it comes to the preparation and presentation of our food. Each dish is put together thoughtfully, combining different flavor, color, and texture profiles to give every taste bud something to drool over. We use quality, authentic ingredients that make Korean food so special, such as seaweed and chili peppers. Most of our ingredients are imported from farms in Korea, meaning we literally bring Korea to you.

South korea food

Taste for Yourself

Mama’s Kitchen in King County is bound to be your new favorite restaurant when a craving for Korean food hits. Sit down and relax in our modern, clean, and comfortable interior or box your meal up to go and enjoy it at home.