Authentic Korean Restaurant in Bellevue, WA

With ingredients imported directly from South Korea, you truly can’t find a more authentic Korean Restaurant in the Bellevue, WA, area than Mama’s Kitchen. We serve many favorites that other Korean Restaurants have tried to mimic, but with our recipes and experienced cooks, they simply can’t compete with our Korean cuisine.

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A Few Must-Eat Items at Mama’s Kitchen (Popular Favorites)

  • mamas kimbap 마마스 김밥
  • galbijjim bibimbap 갈비찜 비빔밥
  • hambak steak jungsik 함박스테이크 정식
  • chadol jjolmyeon 차돌쫄면
  • sikhye 식혜 

  • yangnyeom chicken wings 양념치킨  

Mama’s Kitchen is special compared to other Korean restaurants because we serve Sikhye made in-house. Sikhye is a traditional sweet Korean rice beverage served chilled and is a favorite among customers. This drink pairs well with any meal. Check out a few more of our menu options below.

Come See Us!

Stop by Mama’s Kitchen today to check out our full menu filled with combo meals, yummy side items, and appetizers that taste like they came right out of South Korea. No other Korean restaurant in the area serves comfort food so authentic. Give us a call for more information on our menu, prices, or location.

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To get more information give us a call at (425) 747-2950 or email us at: